Meet the Library Bee

Hello and welcome to the Library Bee! This brand new blog represents a new transitional phase in my life. I have recently returned to school to get my Specialist in Library and Information Science degree and my School Library Media Specialist certification. I have started taking my required education courses and I am currently enrolled in my Young Adult Materials course. I’ve started this blog to post book reviews, book talks and information pertaining to youth and children’s library services. I expect I will post about upcoming movies, and possibly video games as time goes on as well. I currently work as a substitute teacher, and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to work in a school library. I will be attending the ALA annual meeting at the end of the month and I will be blogging from the meeting regularly. I’m very excited about some soon to be released books, and I’ll be posting review information here as well, starting with this Tuesday, and a release I’ve been waiting for since early this year!

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