Movie Mondays 6/24/2013

Welcome back to Movie Mondays! I was in Pennsylvania for the weekend with very limited internet access. I’m currently getting ready for my trip to Chicago for ALA 2013, but I’ve got one movie for today’s post. Let’s get started!

I haven’t really been hearing a lot about this movie yet. There haven’t been any commercials about it, and I didn’t even realize the trailer was out until I googled it looking for information. That movie? Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. This movie is due to be released on August 7 of this year, and is based on the second book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. The second trailer for this movie is out now, and can be viewed below.

The first Percy Jackson film got mixed reviews, though according to Rotten Tomatoes the audience liked it a bit more than the critics. I enjoyed it, and it introduced me to the Percy Jackson books, so I’m happy to go see this film when it comes out. I expect the key will be to think of it as a separate entity from the books and just enjoy it for what it is.

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