The Long Absence

I admit it, I pretty much disappeared this semester except for a few days during AASL, which was a great conference. Unfortunately, I simply didn’t have any time to post this semester. I was working close to full-time and taking 3 classes, the combination of which left me without much if any free time. Additionally, two of those courses were education classes, and they required a lot of reading and work. My education classes are now firmly behind me, and I will not be taking any more than 2 classes per semester from now on. Next semester, I am taking a Children’s Literature course, so in addition to the YA that I often read, I will likely be talking about and reviewing some children’s books as well. (My current favorite is Pete the Cat btw.) In the four days since my semester officially ended, I have read 3 books, and I am going to begin reviewing them soon. I picked up a lot of books at AASL so be on the look out for some giveaways. Many of these books are the actual published book and many have been signed, though there are some ARC’s as well.

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