A Resurrection

It’s been a long time since I posted anything in this blog. I was working hard to finish the last few courses I needed to get my Post-graduate professional certificate from the state of Virginia, and then I had a HUGE project for work (which I will post about later on). My goal this year is to post at least twice a month, and hopefully far more often. In the meantime. You’ll be hearing from me soon.



Why School Librarians Are Essential

This weekend I completed an assignment to design an infographic explaining what school librarians do, and how they use the AASL standards and CCSS to support teachers. You can view the infograhpic below. I sourced my pictures from free clip art sites or used the clip art available fromĀ Piktochart, where I used the free version to lay everything out. You can see the finished product below. If you have additional reasons why you think a certified school librarian, please leave them in the comments below!