ALA Annual Las Vegas Day 1 – Wow

Andrea at ALA
Andrea in the Photo Booth

Wow. I had every intention of blogging throughout the conference just like I did last year, but unfortunately school work and my schedule kept me from doing so. I’ll give some highlights of the last few days in individual blog posts and then I will follow up (hopefully tonight) with my account of today, and give a review at some point tomorrow as well. More after the jump!

On the first day, Jane McGonigal gave a great speech on the impact of video games on libraries. There’s a brief video at ALA’s youtube channel┬áthat gives some of her opinions. Some of the things I took away from her speech were that video games have bridged the gender gap, an overwhelming majority of young people, both male and female are playing video games for at least one hour per day. Video gamers indicate that they feel numerous positive emotions during gaming, and they are willing to play even when they know they will fail. They can also bring people in to the library as evidenced by the New York Public Library’s Find the Future game night where hundreds of gamers came together to write a book.

The exhibit hall opened after opening session. I think that a ton of people wanted to get it don’t you?

Exhibits - Opening Night


Mostly I found this to be pretty similar to other exhibit hall openings, although I did have a woman practically shove me down the aisle at one point. And it was deliberate, she had her hand on my back and was pushing. Thankfully, I turned a corner and she didn’t, but I want to tell everyone she shoved me into that I’m sorry, and I wasn’t trying to run you over.

I picked up a few books at the first evening, though I was working to be more discerning. I did get both Mortal Heart by Robin LeFevers and The Spiritglass Charade by Colleen Gleason, both of which I have been eagerly awaiting, so I can’t wait to get home to read them!

What were your impressions of the first night of conference. Did you like the points that Jane McGonigal made? How did you like the exhibit openings? Leave me some comments and I’ll be sure to answer you back!